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We are a design studio based in Novi Sad, Serbia, a city renowned for the pulsating rhythm of the Exit Festival, one of Europe's premier music extravaganzas. Our identity is encapsulated in our name - Baaksuz, a marriage of cutting-edge design, playful elegance, a dash of punk spirit, all catered to suit a myriad of businesses.


Creative Graphic Design

Ever wished your brand could tell a story without saying a word? That's what we're all about. Our designs are like visual storytellers, making your message pop and stick in people's minds. They're the attention-grabbers that speak your brand's language.

Web Development Excellence

We're the wizards behind making your online home feel like a cozy, inviting space. Think of us as the architects of user-friendly websites that not only look good but work like a charm. We craft digital spaces that feel as welcoming as your favorite hangout spot.

Brand Identity

We're like matchmakers—except we match your brand's style across all its outfits. From logos to marketing materials, we're here to make sure your brand looks the same in every room it walks into. Consistency is our secret sauce!

Print Materials

Remember the thrill of getting a handwritten letter in the mail? We're all about that nostalgia but in a modern way. From business cards to brochures, our designs turn the tangible into a mini storytelling adventure, leaving an unforgettable mark.

E-commerce Solutions

In the vast digital market, we're the GPS to help your business find its way. Our tailored solutions aren't just about setting up shop; they're about making sure your shop stands out and thrives among the big names.

Custom Design Services

Got a wild, out-of-the-box idea? We're the creative companions ready to make it happen. Let's team up to turn your unique dreams into designs that shout your individuality.


Ready to bring your vision to life? Let's create something amazing together!